Who is Lali Wines?

Our Story

Lali is a name given to her by her late Dad, as the only daughter and youngest of three - naming her after his late Mother.

The family grew up thinking that Lali was a nickname, until Lali dug deep into research. To her surprise, she discovered that Lali was (actually) a full-on name with three origins: South Africa, Fiji and Greece.

Starting at home, in Xhosa, Lali (iLali), simply means village. In the Republic of Fiji, Lali is a drum which is an important part of traditional Fijian culture, used as a form of announcing births, deaths, and any major notices. It is a large drum made of a hallowed log. A smaller form of the Lali drum is used in music. Last but not least, we are often told that all great things need to have a Greek origin. Now in the Greek context, the name Lali is said to be primarily a female name that means “Well Spoken.”

When bringing all three elements together one realises that there are strong traces of community, communication, and sharing - pillars which ring true to the values of Lali Wines.

The idea of LALI WINES was born from my love for wine and the conversations had with a special person in my life and business partner who pushed me to get Lali Wines to where it is today.

The Lali Wines story is a simple one. We love wine. Go out looking for different wine experiences, locally and internationally. The idea was to package a wine experience that leaves you wanting more of the brand. We figured since we love wine, how is about we create a brand that introduces people to our world of wine and the simplicity behind it (i.e., not dictating how people should have their wine but rather provide them with good guidelines to enjoying their wine).

As our tagline goes: “Life is simple, if it’s hard you’re doing it wrong.” LALI WINES is all about creating new, beautiful, and unforgettable experiences that demystify wine.

LALI WINES entered the market on 13 December 2021; and was officially launched on 13 September 2022 (exactly nine months later), on the actual birth date of Koko (Grandma) Lali. A beautiful birth story.

In the first year, the LALI WINES marketing strategy focused on brand exposure/recognition. A deliberate calendar was put together for the year of 2021 to ensure we capture the correct audience over and above the normal activations. When we turned one, we erected a billboard at the main entrance of Ga-Rankuwa (Lali's township and a place she calls home) to acknowledge our origins and roots.

In the second year: we focused on (re) defining our market. And as we now meander towards our third year: our aim is to focus on our distribution channels to make our wines more accessible and to improve your overall Lali Wines experience. As we organically grow, we will do all things wine into the future.

Here is to more cheeky baby steps to getting you all Lalified.



22 Feb - Makro Online Listing

7 March - Avo Listing


4 Feb: Geoff Mabote Invitational (Sun City)

26 March - Lion & Rhino Park Bubbly Picnic

8 -9 April - Lion & Rhino Park Art Exhibition & Wine Tasting

23 April - Zulzi Listing

14 May - Lion Park Mother’s Day Lunch

15 May - Radio Veritas Interview

20 April - Inaugural HEITA/Lali Networking Session

27 May - AFASA Wine Tasting & Gala Dinner

10 June - Thabo R Golf Day (Pecanwood)

26 June - ProudlySA Member Certification

13-15 July - ProudlySA Local Wine Expo

30 July - Heitha Staffing /Lali Wines Network Session

25-27 August Machado Dorp Hike & Wine Event

7 Sept - Tourism Business Council Gala Dinner (Sun City)

15 September- Wine tasting Botany Urban Grill

7 Oct - Sanctuary Mandela Wine Tasting Collaboration- Night in Conversation with PJ Morton

9 Nov - 2245 Oaked Chardonnay Launch

20 November - Sanctuary Mandela Listing

30 November - Heitha Staffing /Lali Wines Network Session

2 Dec - Penny’s Bookclub Collaboration

3 Dec - Cigar & Wine Pairing

8 Dec - Dockey Tladi Invitational (Copperleaf)

13 Dec - Launch of 2245 Oaked Chardonnay and Khibidu Shiraz


2 April: Kasi Edition (Mabopane: Basadi Market)& a-Rankuwa (Lentswe Pub - BTs Birthday

1 May: Autumn Farm Wine Tasting (Randfontein- Medi le Marang Farm)

28 May: Food and Wine Pairing with Chef Franco (Honingklip, Krugersdorp)

25 June: Beyond Liquid Winter Picnic Edition (Noko Farm, Donkerhoek)

8 August: Woman's Day Celebration Wine Experience (Golden Sands Lodge)

13 August: Makhubela Wines Tasting (Ga-Rankuwa Zone 1)

13 September: Lali Wines Official Launch

21 Aug: 1st Ben Dikobe/Radio Bop Pop Up

13 Oct: Sedibeng Book Launch 25 Years Celebration ( University of Jhb)

14 Oct: IDC South Africa Investment Conference

22 Oct: White Corner Sports Bar Launch (Ga-Rankuwa Zone 2)

18-20 Nov: Itu Golf Wear Invitational (Euphoria Golf Course)

9 Dec: Dockey Tladi invitational (Copperleaf Golf Estate)

13 Dec: 1st birthday celebration/Billboard Unveiling/Launch of the bubbly and Merlot

27 Dec: Lali Wines Cape Town Roadtrip


12 Dec: First batch of Lali Wines Delivered

13 Dec: Lali Wines officially enters the market

15 Dec: Lali Wines soft launch at Lali's Brother's 50th in Centurion

18 Dec: First biggest order received from Sis Nelisiwe Magubane - may her would rest in eternal peace

Meet The Team

Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define the simplicity of life






Executive Assistant


Digital Marketer


Chief Brigade


Chief Brigade


Chief Brigade


The journey to date has been nothing but exciting. The learnings can be summed up as a rollercoaster ride filled with chapters of discoveries, adventure, celebrations, tears (of joy, disappointment, and loss) and resilience.

When I decided to change my name from Masego to Lali in 2017 on the socials, my friends thought I was joking and when I even started giving clues that Lali Wines was on the cards many still failed to catch on to the hints that there was something brewing behind the scenes, driven by passion.

Many who have engaged me will tell you about my passion for Lali Wines and how I have pushed to getting the quality and business that is Lali Wines. Needless to say, there is no way I could have done this alone. I am blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of love and support from Family and Friends. My daughter has been nothing but patient, allowing mummy to cuddle and grow this new baby called Lali Wines.

If anyone would have told me ten years ago that I would have been bitten by the entrepreneur bug, I would have laughed so hard at the person and calling them crazy. People often ask how I juggle my many interests, and my instant response is that we all have 24 hours in a day - how you choose to use it is entirely up to you. We are beyond talking work life balance – today we speak of work life harmony.

I am a firm believer that as individuals we need to have a hobby, a passion of sorts and be multifaceted because the experiences one gains from trying out new things and following your passion(s) make you better at everything. Being one dimensional is a disservice to self.

Now back to the passion that is LALI WINES. I look forward to introducing more people to our wines and creating beautiful wine experiences, second to none. The next chapters of our story can only be groundbreaking as there is lots more brewing behind the scenes.

Should you forget all that was said in this message: the one thing you should always remember is that: Life is simple, if it is hard, you are doing it wrong!!!

Lali Wines

Sandton, Gauteng 2191 South Africa


Phone: +27 82 449 1541

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